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Lincoln Liquefied Gas Co.

Lincoln Liquefied Gas Company, Inc. is a family owned and operated LP-Gas business located in Chandler, Oklahoma.

In 1946, Willie Freeman and Kenneth Hulls, returning from serving in the United States Army Air Corps, joined in partnership to supply energy products including gasoline, kerosene and propane.  What was to be LLG was first a division of Freeman and Hulls Oil and Gas Companies, originally of Stillwater, serving Payne and Lincoln Counties. 

In 1953, the partnership dissolved and Willie Freeman moved his business interests to Chandler and by October 1955, renamed the propane part of his corporation, Lincoln Liquefied Gas Company, Inc.

In 1977, Willie sold the business to Larry Freeman, one of his sons who had been involved in the business since 1966.


LLG now serves Lincoln, eastern Oklahoma, northern Pottawatomie and southern Payne Counties with residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial and motor fuel LP-Gas/ equipment.

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